I have a wide range of skills to contribute to your business’ web technologies and capabilities. Not only can I help you get started from the ground up, I am also equipped with tools to optimize your web technologies in the long haul.


I am a full stack developer who specializes in front end and background in design. With my skill sets, I am comfortable contributing both technical and creative suggestions to contribute to the team. My forte is building and improving websites and web apps aligned with business goals. In addition, I can also build internal tools or procure third-party software to help increase efficiency and productivity.

My current tech stack consists of HTML, CSS (SCSS) and JavaScript. I have plenty of experience using Vue.js and I’m familiar with React as well. For backend, I've used Node.js and C#. For databases, I've used MySql and MSSQL.

Career History


Beach Trading - Web Developer

Dec 2018 to Present

Beach Trading is an e-commerce company that provides amazing deals to its customers


  • I contributed to reducing the codebase for by at least 40% after implementing responsive web design and removing the need for a separate mobile site. I also contributed in improving the site's accessibility by making it more compliant with WCAG 2.1 Level AA and by using tools like WAVE and Axe.
  • I contributed in sunsetting a 20 year old legacy application that didn't have source code by building micro frontend applications that replaces the legacy application's functionality. In addition, I made the company’s own UI library that meets business requirements. I also built a few API endpoints using C#, .NET Web API and EF Core.
  • I introduced and helped implement modern software development practices to the team. For example, I initiated the gradual migration from TFS to git. I also used to improve e2e testing experience and reduce bugs. Also, I advocated for DevOps and collaborated with IT to implement Docker and Kubernetes

NYONair - Web Developer

May 2017 to Dec 2018

NYONair is an aerial/helicopter company provides aerial photography experiences to the masses.


  • I contributed to reducing the company’s booking engine expense from around 400k per year down to around 50k per year after the initial investment of around 200k to build an in-house software. My contributions were getting a team together to start the project and my role was to build and design the client facing side of the application.
  • I enabled the company to make data driven decisions by visualizing their KPIs now that they own their data with their in-house booking engine. I also setup additional tracking softwares to provide the team with more insights.
  • I helped increase the Operation Department’s efficiency by programming features for the booking engine that optimizes their workflow. This allowed the company to cater to more customers while keeping the same staff count.
  • I improved their marketing site performance by migrating it from a dynamic WordPress setup to a static generated one which decreased load time significantly.
  • I enabled marketers and other staff to manage campaign assets and site content by configuring a headless CMS.
  • I reduced the cost of third-party softwares and increased staff productivity when I analyzed what the company needed and initiated replacing existing softwares with better fits.
  • I architected the company sites to be more maintainable by extracting reusable components and shared functionalities into modules and writing tests for core functionalities.
  • I contributed in the increase in revenue by optimizing the checkout flow in collaboration with the analytics team.

ShopKeep - Front-End Developer

March 2016 to May 2017

ShopKeep is a software development company working on a point-of-sale application for iOS devices.


  • I contributed to improving lead conversion by setting up A/B test experiments in collaboration with the marketing team.
  • I improved site performance by setting up Gulp tasks to optimize CSS and JavaScript. I also created a batch image optimizing CLI to easily optimize images being used in the site.
  • I contributed with improving site tracking and giving the marketing more control by setting up Data Layer which enabled the team to make better data-driven decisions.
  • I improved developer productivity by replacing the Visual Composer workflow with Twig which allowed developers to have more control on the pages being built.
  • I contributed to improving site design and usability by rebuilding core pages and implementing the new brand style guide.
  • I reduced bugs left uncaught by setting up automated tests to run prior to deploying.

ShopKeep - Junior Developer and Designer

March 2015 to March 2016


  • I improved the blog’s performance by rebuilding it. I also restructured the content to improve SEO.
  • I improved the marketing site’s responsiveness by implementing a grid system.
  • I contributed to the design of the new pages and built landing pages to test their effectiveness.

Magnet Media - Design Intern

June 2014 to March 2015

Magnet Media Films is a content marketing solutions industry leader who created stunning videos for clients such as Google, Microsoft and Good Technology.


  • I created visual assets for presentations and other marketing materials.
  • I redesigned and developed their marketing website.




I’m comfortable writing HTML markup and familiar with how it impacts SEO and accessibility. I’m also proficient with using a number of templating engines (PUG, Twig, Haml) to write reusable and maintainable markup.


    I’m comfortable using CSS on its own or using preprocessors like SCSS or Stylus. I also understand the importance of having a structure naming convention like BEM for readability, reusability and handling scope. When I write CSS, I write in a mobile first approach to address responsive needs right away.


      I am proficient with writing vanilla JS. I’m also comfortable working with modern frameworks. I have plenty of experience working with Vue.js and I’m also familiar with React.js. I specialize building front-end applications but I can also build backend services and tooling using Node.js. In addition, I am also very familiar with the Javascript ecosystem and tools like npm, webpack and rollup.


        I am comfortable with OOP and the .NET ecosystem and have experience building websites and web apis using .NET technologies.


          I have experience writing custom queries to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE records.


            Git is part of my daily workflow. When working on a new feature, I start a new branch and make my changes in that branch. I’m comfortable cherry-picking commits, rebasing and merging branches. I’m also experienced with git repository hosting services like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure Devops.


              I’m familiar with TDD (Test Driven Development) and I’ve used Mocha/Karma/Jest to write unit tests for Javasript and MSTest2 for .NET. I’ve also used Nightwatch.js, and testcafe to write integration and e2e tests.


                I’m comfortable interacting with Rest APIs using axios. Some APIs I’ve worked with before are Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary and Freshdesk to name a few.

                  Project Management

                  I have an understanding of Agile concepts to build software efficiently and effectively. I’ve used tools such as JIRA, Azure Devops, Pivotal Tracker and Trello to collaborate with developers and project managers regarding tasks at hand.



                    I have an understanding of Google’s guidelines to build websites that allows for improved searchability. I also have experience working with Schema tags so crawlers can categorize the content that exists in a website.

                      A/B Testing

                      I have experience setting up Optimizely and Google Optimize to enable marketers to create experiments. I’m also comfortable setting up custom tracking and events.


                        I have experience setting up Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce so that stakeholders can gain better insights in how the website performs and are able to make data-driven decisions.


                          I have experience integrating websites with various CRM tools like MailChimp, Infusionsoft and Marketo that help marketers collect leads and build customer profiles and relationships.