About Me

Hello! I’m a Full Stack Web Developer currently looking for full time work. I enjoy building well designed websites and web apps as well as tooling to automate daily workflows.

When I'm not coding, I'm either staying up-to-date with what's new in the industry or I'm spending time with my family.

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My Process

Having a process is essential for any project. It allows expectations to be managed and improves the quality of the end result.

  1. Gather Requirements

    Before any work starts, the scope needs to be defined.

    This will help manage deliverables and expectations.

  2. Plan and Schedule

    Defining a schedule allows me to be aligned with business goals.

    By doing so, high impact tasks first can be prioritized first.

  3. Mock Up, Review and Design

    This is the phase when we draft the ideas.

    This makes sure that we have a mutual understanding of the direction of the project.

  4. Write Test then Write Code

    With a plan in place, execution can begin. Time to write tests and code.


  5. Review and Revise

    Getting it right the first time hardly happens. This gives everyone a chance to catch crucial bugs.

    This phase usually cycles until everyone is satisfied with the end result.

  6. Deliver and Monitor

    Congratulations! Your project is delivered. But we're not quite done yet.

    Let's take this time to monitor and make new plans to make it even better!

"Coding is just a tool, it requires a lot more than that to get the job done."
"I used to think unit tests were a waste till I had to refactor code with no test."

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